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 Dermapen 4 is the ultimate fractional skin regeneration. No side-effects or downtime. See results after first treatment                                                                                                                  

Dermapen 4  is the world's first digital and Bluetooth micro needle device with unsurpassed confidence and service with outstanding  patient results.  It generating 1920 holes per second with better healing response and faster results. It has a dedicated scar setting for deep, atrophic  scars, surgical scars, burn contractures, striae and post-acne  scars. 

No need for topical anaesthetic cream.                                                        




 Dermapen 4 can be used to treat the appearance of:

                   Fine lines & wrinkles



Stretch Marks


Enlarged Pores 


               Skin ageing & sun damage

Treatment  45 minutes -  Each treatment has its own protocol and non negotiable starter kit.

Treatments can be combine with other modalities.


Rejuvenation -3 - 6 treatments 6-8 weeks apart

Acne scarring - 4 - 6 treatments 6 - 8 weeks apart

Stretch marks - 4 - 8 treatments 6-8 weeks apart

Pigmentation - 4 - 6 treatment 2-4 weeks apart

Superficial treatment maybe recommended at 4 week intervals

1st treatment  - $ 295 

2nd treatment - $275

3rd treatment -  $250

every treatment after 3rd treatment - $220/treatment up to 2 more treatments

Products are not included in price.



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