Dermapen 4 is the ultimate fractional skin regeneration.                                              No side-effects or downtime. See results after first treatment       


Dermapen 4  is the world's first digital and Bluetooth                          micro needle device with unsurpassed confidence and service    with outstanding  patient results.  Generating 1920 holes per second.  Dermapen 4 generates 47.69% more holes than the Dermapen3, and 104% more micro‑channels than the average counterfeit device. The extra 620 holes forge superior fractional channels to your skin, which allows for a better healing response and faster results. It has a dedicated scar setting for deep, atrophic  scars, surgical scars, burn contractures, striae and post-acne  scars. 

The more puncture channels per second make treatment time faster and  give patient comfort.

         No need for topical anaesthetic cream.                                                        

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     Dermapen 4 can be used to treat the appearance of:

          Fine lines & wrinkles



Stretch Marks


Enlarged Pores 


Skin aging & sun damage

Treatment  45 minutes -  Each treatment has its own protocol and non negotiable starter kit. Treatments can be combine with other modalities.


Rejuvenation -3 - 6 treatments 6-8 weeks apart

Acne scarring - 4 - 6 treatments 6 - 8 weeks apart

Stretch marks - 4 - 8 treatments 6-8 weeks apart

Pigmentation - 4 - 6 treatment 2-4 weeks apart

Superficial treatment maybe recommended at 4 week intervals

1st treatment  - $ 285 

2nd treatment - $265

3rd treatment -  $230

every treatment after 3rd treatment - $195/treatment up to 2 more treatments

Products are not included in price.