Your skin is the key that unlock what is going on internal. With a facial we can see if the surface texture shows changes. It is part of your personal skin care. It takes results of active ingredients to a higher level. It is a me time where you can relax in body and mind which aids to detoxify your skin, restore changes in surface texture, slow down the onset of wrinkles and restore the acid mantle of your skin.

With first consultation your skin will be analysed to identify the cause of your skin’s concerns. To do so I am using Skin DNA as my number one choice of skin analysis options. It is a revolutionary DNA laboratory test that examines 16 genetic markers that are associated with skin aging. The results provide a tailored regime of treatment modalities and most suitable ingredients to target your own genetic blueprint. There is no more guessing what is the best for your skin's future maintenance on a long term.

Facials can be combined with other treatments such as chemical peels, galvanic treatment,  LED photo light therapy, neck, back and facial massage and face lymph drainage massage.


Signature facial. - 90 minutes $120 

This facial is the ultimate indulgence for your body and soul. It combines the latest cosmetic technologies to deliver immediate results in damage skin cells. It is a booster treatment with photo LED light therapy, peptides and vitamins to repair, hydrate, strengthen and rejuvenate cells to maintain normal skin function. The facial, neck and shoulder massage is relaxing and an energiser making you feel your best. This facial includes a foot massage to put you in further deep relaxing moment.


Correction facial - Chemical peels 45 minutes - $80 - See products

Dehydrated skin results in cell membrane damage and impaired cell communication. The effect is an impaired desquamation and acid mantle defence which results in breakdown of normal skin function. Various peels can be used to correct these functions. Some peels Alpha Hydroxy acids, Beta Hydroxy or Retinol or in combination. Peels will be tailored to your concerns. The aim of a peel is to detoxify the skin, breaking down toxins & cleans the lymph system, breaking down excess oils and & congestion (Acne treatment), inhibit Melanin production, stimulates collagen and elastin production.

Acne Facial – 60 minutes - $100

The ultimate aim is to clarify, purify, preventing blocked pores, decrease follicular inflammation, to normalise and re-balance the skin’s production of sebum. LED light therapy is high priority in treatment of acne to enhance the healing process and treatment of bacteria.

Pigmentation facial - 30 minutes - $50

Pure Vitamin C powder combined with Kojic Acid is mixed with Snow Cell activator to provide maximum brightening results. Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant and essential nutrient for the production of collagen, tissue repair, tyrosinase inhibiting and reduction of pigmentation. Kojic Acid is effective for inhibiting melanin production and breaking down existing melanin deposits.


Eye treatment facial - 45 minutes- $55 

This treatment is designed to treat various skin problems that can occur around the eyes. It stimulates collagen production and revive the appearance of eye bag, reduces dark-circles with effective anti-pigment effect, improving weak and drooped tissues around the eyes.

Lymph drainage facial massage - 30 minutes $70

Lymph plays a vital role in our immune system. Lymph drainage massage helps with the transportation and elimination of toxins and waste. It helps to optimise the  function of defence against infections . It aids  with the removal of interstitial fluid under the eyes, muscles, joints, organs and vessels. 

Dermaplane - 45 Minutes $70

This is the latest technology and technique removing dead skin cells ( sharp exfoliate) and vellus hair (facial hair - peach fuzz).

With this technique a sterile scalpel blade is stroking along the skin at an angle to remove dead skin cells from the epidermis and temporarily removing fine vellus hair of the face leaving a very smooth surface. This technique is effective method  for those who are contraindicated for facial waxing.

LED Phototherapy - 20 Minutes $25/treatment - See products

This is a safe, painless and non-invasive cosmetic procedure with no recovery time. Specific wave  lengths  are use to sent light into the deeper layers of the skin to activate and stimulate cellular activity. It can be use with or without other treatments. It is predominately  to rejuvenate the skin, reducing the appearance of visible signs of skin aging, collagen stimulation, firming and toning. Very effective in  Acne treatment.